prof. PaedDr. Jana Kesselová, CSc.


Jana Kesselová studied at the Pedagogical Faculty in Prešov, University of P. J. Šafárik in Košice and she has worked as a university teacher since 1985.

Her research focuses on contemporary Slovak morphology and child speech ontogenesis. As for the practical part of her research, she concentrates on the research of cognitive and communication aspects of teaching Slovak as a mother tongue; creation of textbooks for primary schools; and the research of specific features of technically processed teaching at universities.

She is an author of monographs Linguistic Studies on Children’s Communication (2001) and Morphology in Children’s Communication (2003) and a co-author of a univesity textbook Teaching Slovak Communicatively and in an Empirical Way (2003). She has written approximately 60 studies for domestic and foreign journals and proceedings and is a co-author of textbooks for primary schools and an editor of a collection of scientific works Studia Philologica.

Research Interests

Slovak Linguistics, Morphology, Corpus Linguistics, First Language Acquisition, Distance Education, Cognitive Psycholinguistics


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